Jet Boil

Prairie Dog decided to buy a Jet Boil–it was on sale and it was orange (more on that in a later post).  It seemed like a really cool way to cook food on the trail—boiling water in under 3 minutes.  It would limit what foods would be taken, but it seemed that it would be the easier way to go.  And it seems to be easier clean-up, although there are more things to clean.  So clean up consists of two dishes  and two cups.  But the Jet Boil doesn’t have to be cleaned because only filtered  water is being boiled.

The Jet Boil is easy to use.  Remove the lid, take out the burner.  Screw the burner onto a fuel canister, add water to the fill line, turn on the burner, ignite the flame with a click of a button (no matches needed).  Two minutes later the water has boiled then the water can be poured into the waiting breakfast, dinner or hot beverage.  The lid contains a pour spout that makes it really easy.

So far the only problem has been that four large canisters of fuel have been bought and only one has been emptied after about 30 days of use.  The decision to go with the larger canisters instead of the smaller ones (ones that actually fit into the boiling cup-which would make for easier packing).  The decision was based upon cost, instead of pack-ability.  So far the decision is a good one.Jet Boil

About prairiedog2013

Grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but currently lives on Long Island, New York. Was a day-hiker years ago, but is now a thru-hiker. Loves living the thru-hikers life. She has hiked nearly 3,000 miles. Her hikes include the Northville Placid Trail (2011, 2012), the Centennial Trail in South Dakota (2012), the Appalachian Trail (2013), the Fjallraven Classic (2014) and many other trails.
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