Mountain Crossing/Neel Gap

We stayed at the hiker hostel described in the book Just Passing Through by Winton Porter.  I read the book last year.  It describes perfectly the hiking community that congregates here, both the hikers and the workers.

We were two of three women (the rest being men) in the hostel last night–lots of snoring going on.  They provided an evening meal last night (grilled pork chops, baked beans and salad), this morning was sweet rolls and coffee.  I had a little debbie swiss roll and Dragonfly ate our usual granola.  We will probably buy a couple of bananas before we leave.  

Sending some stuff back and then on up the trail we go.


About prairiedog2013

Grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but currently lives on Long Island, New York. Was a day-hiker years ago, but is now a thru-hiker. Loves living the thru-hikers life. She has hiked nearly 3,000 miles. Her hikes include the Northville Placid Trail (2011, 2012), the Centennial Trail in South Dakota (2012), the Appalachian Trail (2013), the Fjallraven Classic (2014) and many other trails.
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6 Responses to Mountain Crossing/Neel Gap

  1. songbirdknits says:

    Very happy to see into your trip via blog. Sounds like you both are enjoying yourselves, shoe issues aside

  2. kathy says:

    Glad you had a good dinner. What an adventure! Stay safe !

  3. Dudley Johnson says:

    Enjoyed visiting with you two at Hogpen Gap today. We will be tracking your progress here. I will get the photos to you also.
    Dudley Johnson, Jerry Holley, and “Buddy” Holley.

  4. TS says:

    Happy trails!
    Finally a hint of spring here in NYC.

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