In the passed two days we have passed two significant milestones.  For one,  as of today, we have hiked over 200 miles!

But perhaps the more significant milestone is that yesterday we passed mile 184–which means that every mile we’ll do going forward is now subtracted from 2000.

Somehow that just feels more like progress.  Since the beginning when people ask how far we are hiking we’ve answered “2000 miles”. From now on we can say “1992 miles to go”. And so on. 

I don’t know if this means much to you but with such a big elephant to eat this feels like progress to me!


About dragonfly2013at

Years ago i was walking in nature and a dragonfly landed on my hand. My hiking companion commented,"Change is coming in your life." Indeed, it was! I worked in business where pumps were the fashion. I left it for work where orange shoes are appreciated. This suits me. I love what I do. I just need a break to refresh and so I am! I am the 4th of 11 children. Years ago orange shoes assured that I would not be left behind (we moved a lot)...or suffer face first in a snow drift for too long. I will wear orange laces on the hike. Orange is not in hiking boot fashion at this time. Blessings on the journey. Dragonfly
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3 Responses to Milestones

  1. O&R says:

    No wonder you are having an issue with the Oatmeal Raisin bars! You are eating an elephant as well! Congratulations on your milestones!!! Keep on von trapping!

  2. Tina says:

    Great progress! Onward!

  3. KD says:

    Fabulous milestones-keep on going-you have gone so far it is amazing, elephant and all!
    Wishing you sunny skies!

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