Trail Whimsy at Work

2013051595160836 web

This is an example of Forest Imps’s imaginations at work. Click to read Dragonfly’s post about Forest Imps and Trail Whimsy here

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6 Responses to Trail Whimsy at Work

  1. walt says:

    Hello and where are you two … hope the weather has been improving for you. Have a great hike@!

  2. Pam says:

    How convenient and nice of the tree to provide it’s own firewood and a great survival technique allowing it to live.

  3. Hey there PD and DF! I was wondering if you were able to access the monkey beard link? I wanted to let you know that I was thinking that perhaps you could create your own out of local flora and fauna….I suggest using squirrels, chipmunks or any sort of trail whimsy that appeals to you..let your imaginations run wild! Can you tell that we are missing you both and your senses of humor? Looking forward to a photo showcasing your beard making talents soon(: Blessings on your journey! PS. If you are very good, I will find another Lord of the Rings quote for you!😉

    • dragonfly2013at says:

      Dear dear dear. I clicked; I saw; I shuddered. Not sure if we are up to the creative beard concept but will let you know if anything changes. Lol!

  4. KD and I have been hatching such plans for your trail entertainment, you have no idea! It is probably a good thing that you have trail legs now….you can probably outrun us and our crazy schemes should we come looking for you!

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