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Worn out hiking boots

After hiking 800+ miles, it is time for new hiking boots. With this week’s resupply, I had an already-broken-in pair of hiking boots sent to me.  They look so clean!  I’m hoping that this size still fits.  Supposedly your feet … Continue reading

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Deer and snakes and _____, oh my!

This week has been a week of wildlife sightings!  We’ve been close enough to a number of deer to exchange email addresses.  The truth is they don’t seem to see all that well so if you move toward them when … Continue reading

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Pointless Ups and Downs Virginia is famous for them.

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The Virginia Blues

Up, up and more up. Rain, rain and more rain. Late nights and early mornings. Fording swollen creeks and streams. Wet clothes (from rain and sweat). Torn calf muscle and not being able to hike for nearly a week. Burn … Continue reading

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June 15, Views from McAfee Knob

This is us! View of Tinker Ridge where we were heading

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What have we been up to for the last two weeks?

Sorry for the radio silence for so long!  Once Prairie Dog hurt herself our usual routine fell apart.  I thought you might be interested in a quick tour through this two week span to perhaps give you a window into … Continue reading

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I’m doing OK!!!

Thanks for all your well-wishes and prayers.  I am doing fine. After four days of being off the trail to heal from the torn muscle, we have now spent four days of hiking short miles.  The muscle doesn’t hurt unless … Continue reading

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