Ouch! What was that!?!?

Just after stepping over a tree across the trail–it felt as if a baseball bat had hit me on my right calf–and sudden pain made it hard to walk.  I called to Dragonfly to stop, she asked “what’s wrong?”. When I told her, she said that it didn’t sound good.  After much discussion we decided to end the days hike and seek medical attention. 

Fortunately we were close to a building and road.  Dragonfly took my backpack and then hers to the bottom of the mountain we had just begun to climb.  I followed.  Across a field was what looked like a factory, Dragonfly headed in that direction, while I waited.  Soon she returned and right behind her came a young man with his SUV across the field.  He drove is back into town to the free clinic–they couldn’t help, and sent us to the emergency room at the local hospital. 

After filling out all those forms, getting triage questions answered, I was wheeled into a cubicle to await the doctor.  Minutes later a nurse and student nurse came to check on me and then the doctor arrived.  After examining my leg, he diagnosed me as having torn a muscle.  He recommended rest, ice, and elevation and to stay off the hiking trail for three days.  After being given crutches we were ready to leave.  The nurse who first saw me, called her son Troy, he came to the hospital, picked is up and offered to drive us to wherever we needed to go. 

So after filling a prescription at the pharmacy, we decided to try getting a room at the Plaza Motel (which we had left just three and a half hours before) again.  The wonderfully nice guy here at the Plaza gave us a good deal since we have to be here for three days.

So here we are still in Pearisburg, VA.  A setback for sure, but not down for the count.

About prairiedog2013

Grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but currently lives on Long Island, New York. Was a day-hiker years ago, but is now a thru-hiker. Loves living the thru-hikers life. She has hiked nearly 3,000 miles. Her hikes include the Northville Placid Trail (2011, 2012), the Centennial Trail in South Dakota (2012), the Appalachian Trail (2013), the Fjallraven Classic (2014) and many other trails.
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8 Responses to Ouch! What was that!?!?

  1. LClark says:

    I hope you heal quickly!

  2. Our prayers are with you. Love. Mom and Dad Prairir Dog.

  3. TS says:

    Oh dear! take care and rest for a few days. Glad you got good help.

  4. Pam says:

    oh take care of those hikers legs and You! And Thank goodness for people helping a bad situation good.

  5. Take the advice of the doctor and do not push yourself!!! If he said 3 days then take all 3 days, do not mess with a torn muscle!! I am so sorry that this happened to you. Sounds like you had many kind people helping you out.

  6. KD says:

    Please take care of yourself and rest up. So happy to hear so many kind people were there to help you but so sorry this happened. Feel better soon-

  7. Doug Walter ( trailwalker) says:

    Oh no..PD.. Sorry to hear about your mishap, hopefully it just a temporary thing , and won’t slow you and DF down , and both of you can be on your way north.. My prayers and thoughts are with both of you for a speedy recovery and not happen again on your quest to “BIG K”…I think of you two wondering how you are doing ( thanks for all the update of your whereabouts),whenever, I am off on a trail doing my “thing” ! Happy hiking and take care of each other ..

  8. Ouch is right! I think more than one trip to the ice cream store is in order): This may be a good time to fulfill all of those food cravings you may get on the trail. I wish I was there to give you a big hug, Get Better Soon!

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