Deer and snakes and _____, oh my!

This week has been a week of wildlife sightings!  We’ve been close enough to a number of deer to exchange email addresses.  The truth is they don’t seem to see all that well so if you move toward them when they are grazing and freeze when they look up, it takes them a while to realize what we are – an animal not a plant.  I am sure it is our smell that eventually tips them off.

As for snakes!  Tall snakes,  short snakes,  snakes that climb on rocks.  Fat snakes,  skinny snakes – even snakes with chicken pox…well maybe not that last one.  (But I know that some of you are singing the Armour hotdogs song right now.)  Okay,  well only two snakes but they were both on the trail ahead of me!  One was a 4 foot black rat snake (hence tall and fat). The other was a small, little, non-copperhead, non-rattlesnake slitherer (hence short and skinny). Still squeamish around them but realize they are just as scared of me, so I am calling it even.

We’ve seen big toads, little toads, toads that climb on rocks (okay; I’ll stop). Newt, lizards, worms, snails. We’ve heard a veery (sp?) – we call it the UFO bird.

But what was the other I wanted to tell you about?…Oh, right. Now I remember!  I saw a BEAR yesterday! It heard or smelled me first so it was already making a run for it but the sight of it stopped me in my tracks!  Prairie Dog missed it because I was leading (as dragonflies are apt to do) and it all happened so fast.  But all I can say is WOW!

About dragonfly2013at

Years ago i was walking in nature and a dragonfly landed on my hand. My hiking companion commented,"Change is coming in your life." Indeed, it was! I worked in business where pumps were the fashion. I left it for work where orange shoes are appreciated. This suits me. I love what I do. I just need a break to refresh and so I am! I am the 4th of 11 children. Years ago orange shoes assured that I would not be left behind (we moved a lot)...or suffer face first in a snow drift for too long. I will wear orange laces on the hike. Orange is not in hiking boot fashion at this time. Blessings on the journey. Dragonfly
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8 Responses to Deer and snakes and _____, oh my!

  1. Marvin says:

    To much rain, to little sun, I am beginning to worry about you, As long as the bear has a sense of smell, your safe.

  2. Doug Walter ( trailwalker) says:

    You are seeing a lot more snakes then I did on the AT , my count of bears from Maine to GA was eight..I think the first one I saw was in PA Of course, I started in Maine, and three of those were on my last leg in GA.. Of course , I didn’t get a picture of any of them .. My one rattlesnake I saw was up on Dragontooth up in VA ( he even poised for me for several minutes ) , saw few more , but nothing to comment on ..Glad everything is going ok for you , and enjoying your posted ..Blessing ..

    • dragonfly2013at says:

      Hi Trailwalker! Love that you share your experience with us on the blog. We saw so many bears through the Shenandoahs. Thankfully most were running away at the time–but not all! Might have to write another blog about “the standoff”. I have put some notes in the shelter journals for you. Hope you find them!

      Blessings, Dragonfly

  3. TS says:

    oh, my indeed!

  4. Pam says:

    Cool. No Frogs? Or maybe can hear them. Turtles nesting time here. That’s the way to enjoy the trail again!

  5. Camille says:

    All I can say is “Eek!” Stay safe.

  6. michele says:

    I think perhaps your lack of showering everyday keeps some of the critters away – Ha! As for the snakes, well … sounds like you’ve been lucky there. The bear running for it tells me your odeur is quite offensive to them. Whoa!! Keep breathing.

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