In the Book: Harpers Ferry



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Years ago i was walking in nature and a dragonfly landed on my hand. My hiking companion commented,"Change is coming in your life." Indeed, it was! I worked in business where pumps were the fashion. I left it for work where orange shoes are appreciated. This suits me. I love what I do. I just need a break to refresh and so I am! I am the 4th of 11 children. Years ago orange shoes assured that I would not be left behind (we moved a lot)...or suffer face first in a snow drift for too long. I will wear orange laces on the hike. Orange is not in hiking boot fashion at this time. Blessings on the journey. Dragonfly
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3 Responses to In the Book: Harpers Ferry

  1. Donna Obarowski says:

    Congratulations on the half-way point. I’m in awe.

  2. Lynda says:

    Enjoying your posts. Hope you stay healthy and strong. Keep the faith! (In yourself as well as in God!)

  3. Tune says:

    Hi dragonfly and prairie dog,

    It’s tune. Made it to delaware water gap at 5 and will likely spend the night. Email me at if you’d like to get dinner!


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