Book Review–7 Tips to make the most of the Camino de Santiago by Cheri Powell

7 tips camino book coverI checked this book out of the library.  I started reading it to myself, then stopped and read it out loud to Dragonfly.  We have talked several times since coming back from hiking the AT, about hiking the “El Camino”, so this was a good first book to read.

The author and her husband hiked the pilgrimage in 2010 (seven years ago), so I found that much of the information to be a bit dated.  However, the 7 tips are a good reminder for any hiking trip.

Here are her tips:

  1. Know the history of the El Camino
  2. Know what to take and what to leave behind
  3. Know how to set expectations and goals
  4. Know how to get there, get around and get back
  5. Some good things to know
  6. Know the etiquette on the path and in the albergues
  7. Know how to stay healthy on the Camino

I found that much of what was described would be for any long distance hiking odyssy or pilgrimage.  Common sense, manners, kindness, all things to remember.

I was most interested in how to get to Spain, and how to get back.  Several suggestions were offered and I am making further inquiries into how that all works today.

I have tried to read a couple other books about people who have walked the El Camino and have not finished either (The Camino: A Journey of the Spirit by Shirley Maclaine and Joyce Rupp’s Walk in a Relaxed Manner).  So I was pleased to actually finish a book about walking the Camino.


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Grew up in the Black Hills of South Dakota, but currently lives on Long Island, New York. Was a day-hiker years ago, but is now a thru-hiker. Loves living the thru-hikers life. She has hiked nearly 3,000 miles. Her hikes include the Northville Placid Trail (2011, 2012), the Centennial Trail in South Dakota (2012), the Appalachian Trail (2013), the Fjallraven Classic (2014) and many other trails.
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One Response to Book Review–7 Tips to make the most of the Camino de Santiago by Cheri Powell

  1. Doug Walter says:

    Hey you two.. Remember me , I ( Doug Walter aka trailwalker) met both of you on top of Blood Mt down in Ga and followed you trip on the AT… You need to do the Camino ..Last year , I went to Spain and tried 12 days on the Camino , and did 160 miles ..YOU TWO WILL LOVE IT …Going back next year to do some more of the Camino …Experience both the Alberques and also stay in some of the hotels ..Great experience !…Have a great day ..

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