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Years ago i was walking in nature and a dragonfly landed on my hand. My hiking companion commented,"Change is coming in your life." Indeed, it was! I worked in business where pumps were the fashion. I left it for work where orange shoes are appreciated. This suits me. I love what I do. I just need a break to refresh and so I am! I am the 4th of 11 children. Years ago orange shoes assured that I would not be left behind (we moved a lot)...or suffer face first in a snow drift for too long. I will wear orange laces on the hike. Orange is not in hiking boot fashion at this time. Blessings on the journey. Dragonfly


October 5, 12 noon. After a four hour climb we summited Katahdin and celebrated with thru hikers and day hikers.  I cried. It was very emotional to see in person the sign we had seen over and over again in … Continue reading

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Happy Trails:The 100 Mile Wilderness

What a joy to be off the rock scrambles and back on trails! The 100 Mile Wilderness reminded us that we like to hike! A sign at the beginning of the wilderness alerted us to the seriousness of our undertaking … Continue reading

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The Maine Event

(We have several new entries so read on after this.) So here we are in our final state!  Who would have thought almost 6 months ago that we would walk over 1900 miles up through the South, across the Mason … Continue reading

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The White Mountains Debrief

(The difficulty of using one device as phone, camera, and blog writer is that you have to ration its use – especially if you are in the White Mountains where there is almost no electricity! So thanks for your patience; … Continue reading

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Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!

What fun and what a joy to receive so many birthday wishes!  September 2 was a great day to celebrate my mother’s labor!  Lol.  I was very touched to see the inscription for the flowers on the previous Sunday.  Having … Continue reading

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Success on our first White Mountain!

Today we woke up to rain – a full stop if you want to hike down the steep north side of Mt. Moosilauke. We sat at the hiker hostel this morning talking with Swagger and Trail Wreck about a north … Continue reading

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One of my favorite trail whimsy!

(In reviewing my photos I came across one of my favorite moments of trail whimsy that occurred back in Virginia.  I will share it as a little picture story.) Once on a time, Dragonfly went flying and Prairie Dog went running … Continue reading

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