Day begins

Getting ready as the sun rises.

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Lots of shells on the walk today.

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April 17 Highlights

How I feel about directions…

Leslie and my breakfast. Oops! Missing my “tortilla” which is like a quiche. Lol!

Sweet sink at the sweet bar at breakfast.

Graffiti that made me laugh!

First view of Burgos

Someone took the time to make a GIANT labyrinth on the summit.

Es la verdad!

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Week 2 observations

Everyday we are in an albergue or bar/cafe where there is one person doing everything: busing the tables, taking the orders, making the food, making the coffee, serving, cleaning bathrooms, dorm rooms, kitchens. And nobody gets anxious or angry or obnoxious about “waiting too long”.

I really like this more civilized way of being.

Also, they don’t practice “daylight savings time”. So the sun sets around 9 at night and rises around 7. It is really nice to enjoy what seems to be a “longer day”

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Change in terrain

The change in terrain of the last three days has become significant. We had been walking over and around mountains, with a couple of days through forests, but yesterday and today has brought us through the city of Burgos and out onto the plains of Spain.

Today’s walk especially reminded me of the plains of home (South Dakota)–seeing for miles, blue skies with some fluffy clouds, heat, and rolling fields.

Did we take a wrong turn somewhere? The more I travel around the world, which really isn’t that much, I recognize how similar we all are. It reminds me of the hymn we sing in church–This is my story.

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April 16 Highlights


Top of mountain; a remembrance

It got a little cold up thereand it was time to eat in the wilderness!

Surprised by an entrepreneur, but had just eaten. Can’t imagine driving up the mountain!

Destination sighted!

Baptismal font and other photos of amazing church.

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April 15 Highlights #2

The peaceful church. Notice the “Holy Spirit Dove” that is in the lecturn positioned interestingly in the middle of the sanctuary.

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