Sunset at Day’s End

Sweet dreams!

Blessings on the journey, PK

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How far we’ve come, for those who are counting

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Prairie Dog takes a nap

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Good day

Today was a special food day. We decided to forgo the breakfast at the albergue this morning, intending to go back to the bar where we had dinner the night before. They were closed. We kept walking through town. Nothing was open. Finally in the distance I spy chairs and tables outside – could it be? Yes! A newly opened bar, serving breakfast. We were the only ones there. Our host spoke English (she was from Wales).

The food was delicious. The Camino provides.

Our lunch was a Spanish tortilla, egg and potato.

Then at the monastery ruins, a piece of watermelon.

When we arrived at the albergue this afternoon, we were greeted with cold water and strawberries.

Tonight at the restaurant we had the best pilgrim meal (see Dragonfly’s previous post). Here is a photo of my “potato salad” (lettuce, potato, egg, black olives, onion, shredded carrots, red and green peppers and tuna)

When you are hungry from walking so much, food is important.

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Dinner Tonight from Susan’s Point of View

The answer to, “I would like a glass of wine.”

Perrita’s name is Rhonda! 😁

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Beautiful day with Nice Surprises!

This morning we didn’t partake of the albergue breakfast, then found the bars closed in town. Uh oh. Then the beautiful place we ate at appeared, having opened just a few days ago. Nice Surprise!

Then Jean passed by and we flagged him down, so he walked with us today. Nice surprise!

Our pilgrimage took us mostly out into the country today. Sunny, 360 views all day, light breeze to keep it less hot. Nice surprise!

When we came past the ruins of San Anton monastery, we heard music and found a sweet bar, hosted by the sweetest man, who gave us pieces of watermelon and lovely fun conversation. Nice surprise!

Not long after we came around a bend and had our first sighting of Castrojeriz – nice surprise!

And now we are settling in at our albergue for the evening!

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Breakfast Place

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